Day 41 — Fitness Tracker

My design for a watchOS running app


Simplicity is paramount for smart watch apps, which is why I kept my design as lightweight as possible. For this design, I followed Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for watchOS.

There are 4 elements on screen:

  • Distance traveled — the most important piece of data, thus the largest
  • Heart rate — the icon fills the higher the user’s heart rate reaches
  • Duration of current run
  • End button
  • Current time of day

Smartwatch apps uniformly use a black background, resulting in a somewhat plain look. I tried to counter that by coloring my iconography as well as designing a custom heart icon for the heart rate tracker.


I decided to design a smartwatch app as I thought it would be a fun challenge having never even used one before. I spent about half my time reading through Apple’s HIG for watchOS, which was very informative.

Smartwatch apps are inherently simple, yet I feel there is still something missing from my design as it just doesn’t sit right with me from a visual perspective. I wanted it to be plain, but it is perhaps too plain. Maybe somehow layering the heart rate and elapsed time icons with their associated text would liven up the design a bit.

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