Day 52 — Logo


Cosmos is an internal tool we use at work. For this design, i referenced related tools to ensure a consistent visual design. Namely, I needed my icon to be simple with white as its primary color and feature yellow to a lesser degree. From there, I sketched out a few different shapes I felt represent space (“cosmos”) before I landed on this design.

For the star shape, I created an 8-point vector, meticulously setting the coordinates of each point to obtain true symmetry.


I really struggled with making a fully symmetric star shape. Ultimately, I was unable to get the curvatures exact, creating a slight imbalance. This imbalance in the start shape is painfully obvious to me, but I’m curious how noticeable it is to others who haven’t spent the last hour staring at it. The next time I create a similar shape in Sketch, I will research some techniques for creating syemmetric curves.