It’s not often a design agency will add a new service. We’re bucking that trend and are pleased to announce we are now offering vector-based illustration as a service. If you’ve been following us on social media over the years or been signed up to our newsletter you’ll have seen a fair few illustrations, with myself responsible for some of these. You might even recognise the one below? A few years back we did a Halloween promo and even added some animation to the illustration.

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What’s changed?

Why are we now offering this as a service? As a design team, we’ve been honing our craft (or even owning it) and would like to give our clients, existing and new, the opportunity to grow their brand. Vector-based illustration can be a great way forward, but of course, this depends on your brand and how you would like your company portrayed. Illustration isn’t always the best option, and we’ll be honest if we don’t think it would suit your business. Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean you need it (that applies to all you iPhone owners too). …

Don’t Make These Website Mistakes

If you’re serious about digitalising your business and taking it “online” — then your website is going to make or break what you want to achieve.

In order to help you make sure your website is as good as possible, here are 9 mistakes to avoid with your website.

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1) Not Optimised for Mobile

As you should know by now, it’s really important for your website to be optimised for mobile. Why? There are two main reasons.

Firstly, Google primarily indexes based on mobile performance, and by failing to optimise for mobile, you will damage your ranking in the search engine results.

Secondly, . By not getting your site mobile-ready, you’re missing out on impressing these potential customers. …

Those who live in Colchester and the local area will have probably noticed a few hideous looking purple signs pop up over the last couple of months. Unfortunately, these aren’t temporary signs promoting an upcoming car boot sale. Instead, these purple and gold signs welcome you to Colchester. As a piece of branded material, they’re actually alright. The heritage and history of Colchester and its castle are reflected in the colour palette and medieval-esque typeface.

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Why such a disgruntled tone I hear you ask (yes, like Facebook, I’m listening). I didn’t study Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinneir at college because I was a fan of their work and if you didn’t know already, they’re responsible for the design of road signs in the United Kingdom. …


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