Things I did well…

I stuck to my diet. I helped out with the kids in the morning. I realized so much of what I should be doing when I didn’t have my phone. I drove the speed limit. I listened to ministry channel on radio. I tried to overpower negative thoughts with positive. I tried to have a good spirit. I read the bible when I got home. I notified wife when I was leaving work. I didn’t go to the gym for selfish gain. I played with my kids when I got home. I folded and washed my clothes. I did the dishes. I cleaned the table. I was available for work responsibility at 930pm. I didn’t play my PS4.

Areas for growth…

Communicate with wife. Don’t think about my phone or how much I miss it. Don’t let missing my phone effect my attitude.

Things I learned today…

I can function without my phone. I’m more timely without my phone. I’m more into work/family/bible without my phone. My phone has been a crutch and distraction. I must learn how to use it timely and wisely if/when I ever get it back.

Bible Thought of Day

“…sometimes Christ gives you just what you need by taking things away because he loves you…”

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

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