A Lagos Shaper Account of #ShapingNigeria in Kano

About a month ago, #GlobalShapers from 6 of the 7 hubs in Nigeria gathered in the ancient city of Kano for the inaugural #ShapingNigeriaconference, with the theme ‘Unified Solutions for Economic Growth’ from April 20th -23rd, 2017. Words can’t describe how educating, refreshing, eye opening and stereotype shattering the trip was…

As part of activities for the conference, we had a keynote address from Mr. Tonye Cole, Group Executive Director of Sahara Energy; panel discussions, paid a courtesy visit to the Governor’s Office, where we were received by the Deputy Governor — in Acting Governor capacity — because the Governor was out of the country. We had 2 ‘Meet The Leader’ sessions with A.B Mahmoud SAN, the Nigerian Bar Association President and the Emir of Kano, HH Sarkin Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II. We also visited the Kofar Mata Dye pits that have been in existence for about 500 years, went horse riding, visited an orphanage to donate items and were treated to sumptuous continental cuisines and a special tuwo shinkafa *winks*.

At the Emir’s Palace, we spent about 2 hours asking questions and listening to words of wisdom from the Economic Tsar, turned traditional ruler. He spoke about roles of the traditional institutions in the modern day, gave us wisdom nuggets and enlightened us on different other issues.

Some Nigerian Shapers at the Kano State Government House

While with the Emir, I saw an economic professional turned traditional ruler, I listened to a well exposed traditional ruler going extra lengths to meet the needs of his people, I was exposed to the driving force of a passionate Emir who is in tune with the challenges and suffering of his constituents, a social crusader who will go down in history as someone who always spoke the truth despite the consequence and a royal individual who despite the fact that elites and royalty flock together will look the elites in the face and reprimand them when they err.

My time in Kano was very well spent courtesy of the Global Shapers, Kano Hub and it has brought a resolve in me to try and see more of our beautiful, breathtaking and awe-inspiring country… The trip also reconfirmed that NIGERIA IS TRULY BLESSED!! SHIKENA!!!

Lest I forget, I was proudly rocking my “Okoo Faji @ 20” cap… Gehn!! Gehn!!

Originally written By: Olutayo Ajayi (Outgoing Deputy Curators, Lagos Hub)

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