My Closet Led me into Minimalism Pt2

To be honest, selecting the clothes to throw out or donate wasn’t the difficult part, it was forgetting the initial value of the item.

For every single piece of clothing we’ve obtained there is a price or memory attached to it making it difficult to move pass this stage in our journey to minimalism. Because, let’s be honest no one wants to throw or or donate an extremely expensive dress or a sweater given to you by a loved one, not because you don’t wear it doesn’t mean it’s unimportant right?………

But on our journey into becoming minimalist we should focus only on what is important and what adds value to our lives. From my own experience and social media stalking I’ve come up three very important and useful questions to ask yourself when culling your wardrobe:

Question 1: have you ever bought something that you know doesn’t fit but you promise yourself that you’ll loose weight or gain weight to wear but then never end up wearing it?… Only invest in items that fit you properly at that moment, if you do end up losing or gaining weight you can easily replace that item clothing.

Question 2: played major role in my wardrobe culling; being so tiny (5'1)it wasn’t necessarily difficult to find clothes that fit, but it was near to impossible to find pieces that I felt attractive in so I would always end up buying whatever fits and eventually end up with a closet filled with clothes and nothing to wear . In order to avoid this stressful scenario from repeating itself i got rid of everything that i never thought twice about wearing, because we all have that one t-shirt or jeans that we always pull for no matter where we’re going. If we reduce our closet size to only items we feel attractive in we are guaranteed a less stressful outfit choosing experience.

Question 3: is the reason I believe most minimalist have that signature monochromatic wardrobe. Because let’s be honest it’s easier to match black, white, grey, brown and navy blue pieces. To achieve a simpler lifestyle the aim is to own less of unnecessary items, therefore investing in more versatile items that can be mixed and matched to create several different outfits; giving you more value for your money.

Because in the end it’s what we choose to surround ourselves with that contributes to our happiness
Thank you so much for stopping by today,in the comments tell me what other tips you used in your process of de-cluttering your closet.

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