CAR DEALERS: Feature #DRIVE As Your Phone Number

#DRIVE is one of the newest services available for purchase from Dial Pound, who have been working over the last year on finding the most effective and innovative ways for businesses to break out from their own fiercely competitive fields.

Any Car Dealership located inside the United States has the ability to be the only Dealership in their entire Area Market (DMA) to feature #DRIVE as the primary contact phone number. Each dealership is free to feature the number in their own advertisements, easily making a hard impression on prospective sales every month.

#DRIVE features exclusivity, and simplicity for those who are looking for an edge on their competition.

Here’s exactly how their service works:

  • A Person Dials #DRIVE.
  • -They are immediately connected to the one and only Dealership in their prospective market.
  • There is only 1 Dealership per entire Market DMA (No Competition).

The #DRIVE number works from any phone, on any carrier, anywhere in the United States and currently is in operation. An easy to find out if your area is available for purchase is to pick up the phone and dial #DRIVE.

#DRIVE has recently began their enrollment period, this means that with their extremely limited availability, some markets may have already been filled. The company is inviting anyone with an interest to check out the system HERE.