The Road To Success In South Philadelphia

What is success? How many times have we fell short in achieving our personal goals to later give them up? Success is an accomplishment of your own aim or purpose. Most of the time many of us dream up goals (business plans as well) only to never put in any actual footwork to accomplish them.

In South Philadelphia, Green Star Exteriors which started in 2013, has already surpassed millions of dollars in revenue. Grown from a small operation into the serious contender it is in the world of “Home Remodeling”, they continue to expand their success.

Before their start, owner Justin Fiordimondo had a vision of a successful thriving company, as any entrepreneur would. In the first year of Green Star’s operation everything wasn’t exactly picture perfect. “Our initial office space for the first few years was the basement of a bakery where we had about 30 people working.” says Justin. As time quickly passed, their sales began heavily increasing. Business had risen so much that it afforded Green Star a new office space of their own with an ever-increasing amount of staff.

The key to being successful is being able to juggle and move quickly on your toes when the road becomes bumpy. Putting the correct team together, identifying employee strengths and adjusting responsibilities according to those strengths have helped our success. Everyone here has an individual value, but what makes Green Star special is the collective effort to be the best as a team.

In 2016 alone, Green Star brought in over 5.6$ million dollars in revenue. They’ve recently ranked inside “2017’s Top 100 Home Remodelers’ in America” from a list of the Best 550 Companies. Their success relies heavily on the team putting in the groundwork (not just those installing their products) who are the ultimate face of the company.

With Green Star’s consistent growth, they are expanding their employment opportunity as well. There is a need for staff with a strong work ethic, positive attitude, open mind and the ability to remain teachable. Applicants may apply Here.