Who’s who in the latest batch of start-ups & WFP innovation teams attending bootcamp

WFP’s Innovation Accelerator opens its doors next week to the latest cohort of start-ups and social entrepreneurs who believe they have what it takes to help end hunger. What’s more, we’re working with Google Developers Launchpad for the first time as part of an exciting collaboration that combines their technical expertise and mentorship programme with WFP’s field know-how and Accelerator.

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Staff in action at a recent bootcamp held at the Innovation Accelerator in Munich, Germany. Photo: WFP/Innovation Accelerator

Bootcamps are often the first point of contact for start-ups and internal-WFP projects supported by the Innovation Accelerator. Since launching in 2016, more than 20 innovations have progressed from bootcamp to join the Sprint Programme, where they received funding, hands-on support and access to a global network to bring their concept to life.

Eleven innovation teams — featuring start-ups from as far afield as Kenya and Dubai — will attend the Accelerator’s office in Munich. Over the course of an intensive week-long programme they’ll receive support, guidance and the occasional curve-ball that tests their ability to work alongside WFP in ending hunger. To learn more about the teams, keep scrolling.

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Soazic Dupuy from WFP’s hydroponics innovation in Algeria at Pitch Night, March 2017. Photo; WFP/Innovation Accelerator

Pitch Night

Meet the teams

Gravity is a RegTech start-up that aims to provide anyone with access to a mobile phone with a trusted Proof of Existence independently from any public infrastructure — with no dependency to official ID, postal addressing or banking systems.

Akorion is an agtech company digitizing agricultural value chains to enable all commercial farmers and other agribusinesses to access high-quality production and marketing services.

EverID is a stealth-stage company working on user-centric, biometric, global identity solutions on the blockchain.

AgUnity streamlines co-operative operations by putting a simple distributed crypto-ledger mobile App into the hands of every small farmer. The mobile app called AgriLedger helps reduce food waste and farmer inefficiency.

WFP South Sudan & Bibimoney: WFP South Sudan aims to use a virtual money wallet, developed by UK-based Fintech company Bibimoney, to improve the transfer of cash assistance to people.

Chakula Chap Chap is a new cash delivery mechanism that doesn’t require accounts to be opened. The project has been developed by WFP Kenya for use in emergency response.

Remote Sensing for Crop Assessment: By combining satellite sensing, drones, smart phones and field based surveys, WFP South Sudan aims to help local communities eradicate crop pests like Fall Army Worm (FAW).

Maano — Virtual Farmers’ Market (VFM) is an app-based e-commerce platform where farmers’ surplus and buyers’ demand for crops are advertised and traded.

Cargo On Demand (CODe) is an online platform that matches demand for humanitarian and development cargo to local transport companies.

Dalili is a smartphone app developed by WFP that helps Syrian refugees compare the prices of products sold by contracted grocery stores in Lebanon.

For more information on bootcamp, our collaboration with Google Developers Luanchpad or Pitch Night, please email global.innovation@wfp.org

The WFP Innovation Accelerator sources, supports and scales high-potential solutions to end hunger worldwide. We provide WFP staff, entrepreneurs, start-ups, companies and non-governmental organizations with access to funding, mentorship, hands-on support and WFP operations.

Find out more about us: http://innovation.wfp.org

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