“I can think of no other time in my life that has had a more profound effect on me. The things I saw will stay with me forever. Thousands of people leaving behind everything they knew to walk to Sudan. The elderly and sick too weak to make the journey. Women groveling on the ground to eat dirt because that was all that was left. Caught on the wrong side of the battle lines, hundreds of thousands of people perished, even with hundreds of millions of dollars in food aid flown to the country from all over the world.”
10 Quotes by USAID Administrator Gayle Smith at the InterAction Forum

Heart-wrenching. Smith’s comment reminds us of a similar story that WFP’s Ethiopia Country Director told us — how witnessing the Ethiopia famine in the 1980s is what galvanized him to become a aid worker in the first place. He ended up quitting his job in London and moving to Addis to volunteer: https://wfpusa.org/blog/episode-4-examining-slow-motion-disaster-ethiopia