April Showers? Your best chance of finding Sun in April.

April Showers? Your best chance of finding Sun in April.

Thinking of jetting off this month in search of the sun? Great! We have put together some ideas of the kind of places you are — almost — guaranteed good weather…

There is nothing worse than arriving at a destination, having saved long and hard, to discover it’s the rainy season! You’d be surprised how many people do just that. However, with just a little research we can improve the odds of getting some of that much needed sun.

We have divided this guide into 3 sections, The UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

The UK

Last year Britain basked in its sunniest April on record, with Morpeth in Northumberland having its sunniest ever, with 110 hours of sunshine! Could history repeat itself this year?

The South coast is always a good bet and the stats prove it. South east England takes the top spot though just beating the southwest to the sunniest spot with an average of 170 hours of sun in April.

So where to go?


Last year Sussex was one of the driest places in the UK and the coastal resorts of Sussex and neighbouring Hampshire are amongst the sunniest places in the UK.


Not only is it one of the top places to retire in the UK but it averages above 1600 hours of sunshine a year. The highest points on the moors will get more rain than surrounding areas due to their height but don’t let that put you off. If you strike it lucky with some April sun then there is nowhere more beautiful to be.

The Isle of Wight

With its milder sub-climate than other areas in the UK, the Isle of Wight is a great bet for finding April sunshine. Lower Ventnor enjoys a position sheltered by cliffs, giving it its own micro climate. That means if it’s raining on one part of the Isle of Wight it may well be dry there. Temperatures hit an average high of 55F in April so while it may not have you reaching for the factor 60, it does have a good track record for weather.


According to the Met Office you are spoilt for choice in Europe, from Osta in Portugal with a lovely and warm maximum average of 20.7c and up to 8 hours of sunshine a day, to that old British favourite, the Costa del Sol, with temperatures in April reaching 20c or just slightly over.


Kos in Greece is another popular destination for British sun lovers. It might have been 14c, which is just under 60f, at the time of writing, but it’s forecast to rise to a heart warming 22c and possibly as high as 25c and that’s perfect for starting off your 2016 tan.

Considering going to Greece have a look at Visit Greece.

The sunniest country in Europe — Spain

Spain is a consistent contender in the sunniest spot awards. With a high of 21c in Malaga and 8.1 hours of sunshine it’s another good bet for escaping those British April showers. Seville is consistently a winner in the sunny stakes with spring being one of the most popular times to visit, as summer temperatures can reach the 30’s. Some find it too hot.

If Spain is your destination of choice then head over to Spain.info

The rest of the World

Las Vegas

Peaking at approximately 25c in April with just 5mm of rain this is a great bet! Excuse the pun, Vegas doesn’t have to be just about gambling though, and to get some great ideas for what activities are available there take a look at the trip advisor website: Things to do in Las Vegas.


Florida is typically hot in April with a daily maximum of over 28c and 9 hours of sunshine a day. It’s also home to Disney World in Orlando — it is guaranteed to keep almost any child happy.

There is loads to do and see in Florida in April from the Charlotte harbour super boat grand prix to the seafood festival at Palmetto to the one which we really liked the sound of — The festival of Chocolate in Tampa.

Cancun — Mexico

With its tropical climate, the temperature in Cancun averages 32C in April but can rise to a sweltering 36c. It’s dry too, with average rainfall of approx 1.5 inches. Apriul marks the end of the dry season so the chances of rain are a bit higher than in January or February.

So if it’s real heat you want then Cancun is your best bet this month.

Happy holidays…

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