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This is an atrocious list. You have some quality items ranked high, but man do you have some complete blunders. Like blowing a 3–1 lead type screw ups. Let me point out the two most horrendous: McNuggets in the top 20? They shouldn’t even sniff this list. Disgusting. But even more outrageous: “22 Biscuits Popeyes.” This is evidence that you should be committed to the loony bin. You might as well paint a hockey puck light brown and eat it. Popeyes have the worst biscuits I’ve ever eaten. Literally every fast food chain to offer biscuits does a better job than Popeyes. Biscuitville and Bojangles are the gold standard. McDonalds does an excellent biscuit nationwide. Even Chic Fil A’s sorry excuse for a biscuit is better than Popeyes. Whoever put Popeyes biscuits on this list should have their taste buds removed, they clearly are non-functioning. Krispy Kreme Glazed Donut should very obviously be in the top 10.

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