My 1 Week Twitter Suspension (and Twitter’s Strict Deference to Jew Haters)

Jun 11, 2018 · 3 min read

My Twitter account is currently under a one week suspension for allegedly engaging in “targeted harassment” of someone. Twitter considers such behavior an attempt to “harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.”

The “targeted” person in question? The President of the United States, Donald Trump. Days ago, I tweeted about Trump’s ridiculous and aggressive G7 Summit behavior towards Canada’s PM, Justin Trudeau. I wanted to craft a tweet that mocked Trump’s unbalanced behavior while also mentioning I did not care about Trudeau either who ran on some very liberal promises only to lead directly from a far more conservative center. Here’s the tweet and Twitter response:

Note, that no one is tagged in the Tweet so I’m not sure how I was engaging in targeted harassment. Also, I’m not sure how I could possibly be silencing the voice of the most powerful man in the world. Maybe it’s the Justin Trudeau part? That I hope he also dies? Really? That’s the sin. The hoping? In a site where women get gang rape wished upon them, where people speaking for oppressed groups get literal death threats, in a site that supports accounts designed to foster and promote genocide? No, I don’t that that was the problematic aspect of my tweet. Instead I believe I got mass reported by Jew haters after a more recent tweet.

Why? It was only after another one of my tweets went big the next day that I was reported. This one:

This tweet penetrated Twitter more than most of mine, probably because The Economist’s Bernie cover is jaw-droppingly anti-Semitic — and not just because they’re living out their dream of putting a Jew on a train. It looks more like Nazi Propaganda Jew figures than Bernie. That is not really open to debate, but several people did debate it, and I believe went looking for tweets to report after I had the nerve to condemn anti-Semitism.

What kind of people do such things? I’m gonna take a leap here and say the folks who are big supporters ofDonald Trump. So in Twitter’s disingenuous attempt to make this a safe space they decided to silence a voice right after it spoke out against anti-Semitism because that same voice was previously impermissibly uncivil to two world leaders.

There is no sincere commitment on Twitter’s part. This is just more of their deference to the White Nationalist herd under the guise of concern. So please spread this story around. Let’s force Twitter to be a better place so I can get my account back in time to bump that Economist Tweet with that “Jew on a train” joke.


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