Outside the Bubble: Rebuilding the Democratic Party

The modern Democratic Party likes to perpetrate a myth that every bad thing it does, it’s forced to do because of Republicans.

It is a myth designed to hide that Dems and Republicans are largely in agreement on 75% of things. Both committed to interventionist war for economic concerns, neither party concerned with prosecuting Wall St fraud, both offering degrees of deference to the 1% and utter contempt for due process in honor of a war on terror.

Now don’t get me wrong, the 25% difference is important. Pro choice, gay rights, Supreme Court. If you’re progressive minded there is no doubt, the Dems are still more your party.

But that 25% difference was not enough to bring millions of working class people, typically Dems, into this party. As Robert Reich wrote yesterday the modern Dem Party, starting with Clinton through Obama, and continuing with Clinton again had she won, has sided with corporations. And feeling forgotten, millions of angry Americans acted out last Tuesday. You can sit in a bubble and pretend the loss is due solely to support from racists and sexists, but the worst of our country has always existed. Are there more racists and sexists today then during segregation? They are a constant and in the past, Dems could still win. There is no justification for supporting Donald Trump, but some people do bad things because they’re bad; others do bad things when they’re angry. Dems must leave their bubble and recognize the difference if they want victory.

The party needs to expand. Going progressive is the ethical thing to do AND the pragmatic thing to do. Question anyone who tells you that’s not the case. They’re selling that story either because they’re blind to the discontent in this country or because they are the entrenched power structure. Don’t enable the myth. Ask more of your party, get more from your party, and best of all, win. The best way out of your bubble is to stop listening to the people who were happiest you were living there.