Such toss.

Picture the scene, you are in an office, you work for a brand, your email sign off describes you as a ‘Social Media Manager’. Next week it is Shrove Tuesday. Wotcha gonna do?

I’ll tell you what you could possibly do because I’ve seen it every year for the last 8 and it makes me want to weep pancake batter.

You take your brand, and you take Pancake Day and you SMASH them together to make a sweet sweet post that will get you some nice RTs and shares because you’re oh so topical and with ‘it’. Yeah? Yeah.

If you’re really on it you could get some agency to make a timelapse video of them (you) making an ACTUAL pancake with your ACTUAL brand logo on it. Yep! For real. At the end of the vid they flip it over and there it is! Your pancake, with your brand logo on it. What beautiful harmony between brand and a ‘relevant’ date on the calendar. What great content.

Hang on a minute? Your brand isn’t Jif Lemon or Aunt Bessie’s pancake mix is it? What the HELL are you doing‽ Your brand sells cars, drinks, sofas OR something else that has NOTHING TO DO WITH PANCAKES! Clear your desk. You’re fired!

If only you could’ve found something interesting to say about your brand on this miserable Tuesday morning, something other than doing what everyone else is trying to do and use a very boring date in the diary as an excuse to crowbar in a post about your brand.

I would usually give you another chance but you did it on Valentine’s Day and I can’t trust you not to do another ‘cracking deals’ post at Easter. That was your last chance.

A recent survey by. Spout Social discovered that people who follow you are 50% likely to buy from you, they also discovered that they are likely to unfollow you if you are annoying or spammy. One could argue that talking about pancakes on pancake day isn’t annoying or spammy. I’ll happily argue that it IS. Your audience is following you because they like your brand. Don’t go and undo all your work by treating your audience like bored children.

If you want to do a post on Pancake Day next year, talk to me first. I’ll find you 5 more interesting things to say about your brand and none of them will involve a flipp’n poorly cooked Yorkshire Pudding.

Meanwhile, zoom in on the syrup. A pic tweeted by American Diner chain @DennysDiner