It’s a strange thing when your target market is your peer group, the world around you takes on a new meaning and you begin to feel like an answer is just under your nose if you can only sniff hard enough. While we are still feverishly researching the psychology of spending, finding fascinating terms like “neuroeconomics” and learning about how the different neural circuits work in your brain when making a purchase, our problem and market research have become so much more than just research. They’ve become casual conversations with our friends and family, who unwittingly reveal gems of information about themselves, our customer database.

It can be a whole lot stranger when your target market is also yourself. You gain a much bigger yet more acutely focused perspective on the problem. Suddenly every encounter you have with your chosen pain point is a chance to gain insight to your customer via yourself.

Coming from the perspective of the founders of Now, we are faced with our customers pain point (overcoming the many urges to impulse spend) everyday. It’s interesting in how it has both built our motivation to find a snazzy solution and changed the way we see the problem.

Perhaps it’s the sheer notion that a founder of a company helping people not impulse spend can barely control her own impulse spending is too ridiculous for words, but I’ve found that since becoming so vividly conscious so much more than I ever have or ever otherwise would have been of my impulse spending, it has begun to improve.

And in that small realisation I have given myself some great customer data!

It really is a small world isn’t it…

By Maeve for Now

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