How HTC provides cool things to do in real time to its users.

So, what do we do now?” Raise your hand if you’ve never asked this question to your friends. Many cool apps or websites give you the headlines, the big shows, the cool places to go to. But.

But what realls interests people today is real experiences. Live like a local, says Airbnb. Get out like a local says WINGiT. Uber is talking trips experience jut like

This is how WINGiT developed its real time and geolocated service recommending offbeat events fetched from Social Networks, in 15 countries around the world.

But what does it have to do with HTC? Yeah we hear you. HTC wanted to give a new kind of service to its users accross the world. A new entertainment service that would be integrated into BlinkFeed, a feature creating a personal data feed straight to the homescreen of the HTC smartphone. A service that would tell each HTC user what is happening now nearby: happy hours, blind tests, lives, performances, meet ups, etc.

Of course this is when WINGiT steps in.

This is how Mobile devices Manufacturer HTC included WINGiT in the exclusive club of services integrated into BlinkFeed.

HTC BlinkFeed users now have access on their homescreen to real-time event suggestions according to the time, their location and their interests.

Alongside players of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Yelp, WINGiT is now the only one to recommend hangouts to HTC users in over 170 cities across the world.

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