Here’s how fluid teams can self-organize to manage complexity

Fluid teams self-organize to manage complexity

In complex environments, what will happen is unknown. — Scrum Guide 2020

This is an important statement. In complex environments, you have assumptions that you need…

As there’s no complexity to manage

Don’t abuse Scrum to protect your team

The Daily

“You’re a chicken!”

Lessons learned from my latest experiences

A desperate woman with a hand in front of her face
By Counselling art Pixabay

The promising start

I believe…

How the Scrum Guide moved towards describing the core framework

Is this true self-management?

Your Customer Wants You to Follow a Detailed Plan? Give them this and manage on the outcome!

Scrum Masters should challenge the use of Scrum

Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay

Scrum’s sweet spot

Scrum is an approach to create valuable products and services in a complex environment with a cross-functional team that can have regular conversations with…

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