Basic English : at least to different versions of the 850 word list

Hello Mr. Jansegers,

I have noticed your significant contribution on (the platform) MEDIUM regarding ‘Basic English’, originated (= invented) by Mr. Charles Kay Ogden.

If I do understand you well, then, the total amount of difference of words between the two lists mentioned effectively consists of 48 words, meaning 24 words which each are not taken up in both of these wordlists mentioned underneath. (e.g. the word ‘advertisment’ is figuring in “Ryota’s list” as a general, (meaning abstract), ‘noun word’, while the word ‘beat’ –taken from ‘Basic English Applied Science’?- for example does not figure in Ryota’s list.)

I have two questions for you:

(1) BASIC English: the oldest list I’ve ever seen = dating from 1928 or 1929 or 1930 or 1931?

Source book = Basic English Applied Science by C.K. Ogden?


(2) ‘basic online’ = you mean the Japanese ‘Ryota’s list’ of Basic English words or a list used by the English organisation SIMPLISH!(based on Basic English)?

Kind regards,

Walter Hermans

1435.�#ܮ �

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