WKMT provides lessons for the City of London

Piano lessons City of London by WKMT

Looking for piano lessons in the City of London?, inspired by the indulgent world of classical music?

Maestro Juan Rezzuto and WKMT studios are here to provide you with the exact service you are looking for.

WKMT is established in London since 2010. We have offices in Kensington and Camberwell. Our Buenos-Aires-born founder and director, Juan Rezzuto, is an active composer and concert pianist. Equestrian rider and pure blood Argentinian, Juan Rezzuto has helped many artists and students from around the world to make their first steps into the wonderful world of Classical Music.

His team of 20 professional and highly qualified piano tutors offer high standard piano tuition to students of all ages and levels.

Where are the studios located?
We have two London studios, one in Kensington W14 9LT and another one in Camberwell SE5 7NJ. Both of them beautifully equipped and classically decorated.

When are the studios open for lessons?
We are open Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm

Can the teachers deliver your lessons at your home or workplace instead of at the studios?
Absolutely. After your first screening at any of our branches, you can continue with your lessons at your home or work premises.

What kind of students do we teach?
We have students coming from all different industries and backgrounds. We can summarise it as a very international mix of bankers, lawyers, artists, and different professionals gathered around Classical music and the lifestyle related to it.

How can I enrol?
It is very easy. First we conduct a screening/induction lesson in order to analyse your learning style, your preferences and your availability. Then, we match you with one of our WKMT trained piano teachers who will be working with you.

Not yet fully convinced?

Call us on 02071014479 Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm. Our administrator or maybe even, the maestro himself, can have a chat with you and help you arranging your first lesson with WKMT. Music is waiting for you don’t miss the chance of accessing a world just a few can enjoy…

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