You’re Editors. So Edit.
Dave Pell

And they wonder why even old farts like me are getting our news elsewhere, including — free plug —NextDraft . The old Gray Lady is getting tired, and the WaPo is hard to trust anymore with that Amazon thumb pressing on it.

The papers may be bad, but TeeVee is hideous. The “Nightly News” — so-called “world news” — on the networks has been distilled down to twenty minutes net after commercials, followed by a half-hour of tabloid gossip shit that should be the second half of the news. We get, literally, better news on Comedy Central (e. g., “The Daily Show”) and YouTube (stale John Oliver bones HBO throws us for free) than we do ABC, CBS or NBC. Fox remains a joke for their specific audience.

So yeah, Dave. We do need some editors.

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