Andre’s #Runspiration

In 2010 my target was to run the NY marathon before my 50th birthday (sort of a midlife crisis). To prepare, I ran the 2011 Amsterdam marathon. To arrange a ticket for the NY marathon, I decided to go with a group from the Netherlands (Rijmond reizen). They arranged everything for me. I trained a lot for the NY marathon, but just before I left, hurricane Sandy hit. There was a lot of damage and a lot of people didn’t have electricity. The Mayor still wanted the marathon to start. When we arrived at JFK, we heard the news that the NY marathon was cancelled! It was so disappointing, but we couldn’t change it. My wife was traveling with me, so we had a great (shopping) weekend in NY and on Sunday, we ran with a big group in Central Park.

In 2013, I went back to NY to run the marathon. I travelled with the same tour operator as in 2012 and met a few people who also where in NY in 2012. At the expo we saw an advertisement for the Abbott World Marathon Majors!! The NYC marathon was in one word: awesome! What amazing surroundings with all the different neighborhoods, and of course the finish in Central Park! With the people I met in NY, we decided to go for the BIG six! In 2014 I ran the Berlin the marathon, so that was number two from the BIG six! Berlin was very nice, a lot of great spectators watching the marathon and also a nice running track in the center of Berlin.

In 2015, I ran the London marathon. To get an entry for the London marathon is even harder than running a marathon! It was also challenging because we wanted to go with four people. Finally we found a tour operator in Germany who arranged the trip for us as well as entries for the marathon. London was so great. A really nice running track and a lot of people to encourage us. In 2016 I ran the Tokyo marathon. Tokyo is really a nice place to stay. The people are friendly and the city is very clean. This year I was in Boston and because of the qualified runner entries, it was hard again to get in(for my age I have to run the marathon in 3.30h), but again our tour operator in Germany arranged it. Boston was very hard — it was warm and had lots of hills! This year in October I finished the BIG six marathons with Chicago Marathon!

In general I look back on a very very very nice journey! I love to run these marathons and maybe I will be go back for one of these amazing marathons.

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