Sebastián reaches for THE STAR!

Running started as something natural to me. I often think I’m not normal or at least my energy levels are not normal. Running is the only activity that helps me balance and focus on my daily tasks.

It all started more than 10 years ago, when I began jogging to lose some weight and it just clicked!

I haven’t stopped running since that day, first it was fitness then it was challenging my mind and body to run from one place to another, no GPS, no heart rate monitor no music, only me and my obsession to discover and push my own limits. If my father needed me to take his car to the shop, I was excited to see if I could run back home instead of getting a cab.

Suddenly my town “Escazú” was too small for my challenges I was getting bored of running it up and down and side to side. I needed something new that not only motivated me, but also frightened me…..I didn’t have to do too much research — the answer was there: The Marathon.

I ran my first marathon in Miami 2009 and then The Bank Of America Chicago Marathon that same year. I believe there’s a before and after in my life after that race. The city, the course, the crowds cheering, and the fantastic race setup just blew my mind and gave me another way to look at my challenges.

Without knowing it, running was changing everything in my life for good!

Suddenly partying wasn’t such a big deal, waking up late was unthinkable and spending more than 2 days without running was a punishment.

Since then my only goal has been to explore my own limits and to spread my love for running with everybody.

Since 2009 I’m a proud finisher of 8 races of the Abbott World Marathon Majors Circuit (Chicago x 5 / Boston x 2 / Berlin x 1). NYC Marathon is my next race and then Boston in 2018…

Why do I run the same races over and over again? As I said at the beginning, it all started as a challenge and I need to achieve the ones I set for every city.

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