The Moms of Podcasting

Some of our hosts told us what podcast episode they would recommend for their moms! A perfect playlist for that long drive home to celebrate Mother’s Day. (She’d really like to see you, she doesn’t need a gift, just a little of your time!)

Glynn Washington: Big Girls Don’t Cry, Snap Judgement

“I would recommend to my Mommy (and all Mommys) the Snap episode “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” It features some amazing stories that highlight just how important the “Momma Bear” can be.” — Glynn Washington, Host, Snap Judgment

Kathy Tu: In Defense of Ignorance, This American Life

“First of all, I think my mom would enjoy this because there’s a good amount of Mandarin in it. And second, because I think she can relate to having to put up with some family members’ ignorance. It’s a thing we all have to do!” — Kathy Tu, Co Host, Nancy

Manoush Zomorodi: Hello, Hello, Nancy

“I’d love for my mom to listen to “Hello, Hello” from Nancy. In the episode, Kathy attempts (multiple times) to come out to her own mom. I’m also first generation American and I know my mom will find hearing their difficult conversation as moving as I did. To hear a Chinese mom and her American daughter be so exhausted by cultural and linguistic barriers that it makes communication next to impossible…It’s heartbreaking.” — Manoush Zomorodi, Host, Note to Self

Tobin Low : The Blessing (And Curse?) Of Miss Saigon, Code Switch

“I’m picking this episode of Code Switch about the controversy surrounding Miss Saigon for a couple reasons. For one, my mom and I both love theater. But also, we talk a lot about the Asian-American experience — both the joys and compromises, and how the two sometimes overlap. I think this podcast episode gets at that nuance in a lovely way.” — Tobin Low, Co-Host, Nancy

Sean Rameswaram: The Problem We All Live With, This American Life

“When I think of my mom, I think of a compassionate human being who would do anything in the world for her kids. When I think of a podcast while thinking of my mom, I think of “The Problem We All Live With” from This American Life. It’s about another mom (who, just like mine, would do anything for her kid) going up against an educational system that’s built to ensure her kid’s failure.” — Sean Rameswaram, Contributor, More Perfect

Bonus: Here is something fun Sean did for his mom!

Mary Harris: I Was Your Father, Until I Wasn’t; Death, Sex & Money

“My mom loved me through the awkward stage. Which is what parenting’s all about — and why I’d recommend this DSM which is about the unexpected parents among us. It’s a moving listen for everyone.” — Mary Harris, Host, Only Human

Kai Wright: The Birth of Climate Denial, The United States of Anxiety

“Mom spent decades teaching grade school kids, and this episode is all about the babies! And what they learn and how they learn it. So I think she’ll love it for that alone — plus, you know, there’s all this interesting history and blah blah blah. But the babies, that’s for mom.” — Kai Wright, Host, The United States of Anxiety

Jessica Williams: Love Advice with Jessica’s Mom, 2 Dope Queens

Jess’s mom stopped by the studio to chat with Phoebe and Jessica about the love lessons she’s learned as a relationship expert.