Nancy Pelosi Disavows Alt-Left Group “ANTIFA,” Calls for Arrests for Berkeley Violence
Mike Cernovich

HA! Once Thomas Wictor pointed out all the fed wires on the ANTIFA victims, and the badges watching the filmed beatdowns, the left’s ANTIFA game started to fall apart. And — oh yeah — yesterday, after the horror of Berkeley, I was not the only one pounding the keyboard to vote out ALL Democrat mayors as a danger to law and order, to say nothing of the civil rights of ALL citizens.

It’s very clear now that an international leftist plot, complete with one dirty old George Soros attached, walked into a YUGE trap.

So what happens?

First Charlottesville Mayor Signer tries to pin his stand-down order on his chief of police. Then the Bezos Post puts out an “emergency” article, backing away from ANTIFA violence. And now Pelosi tries to distance herself from the local radicals.

Oh, my.

By the way, last night I predicted a “big nasty” against the Trump administration coming soon (Charlottesville Part 2), and started connecting all kinds of commie dots between China, the media, Democrats and ANTIFA. Trump has put pressure on all of them — which one caves first to save themselves? Better hurry up — the wheels are absolutely falling off the Charlottesville “march to a parked car for a fake protest roadblock”.

Look who needs “distance”. Yeah, Nancy Potemkin. These folks have NOTHING to do with you — do they?

UGH. Martin Luther King, Jr., would be so proud! NOT!!!

Not that I mention his name for any particular reason.

Justice delayed is justice denied, but it will beat justice never.

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