How to create a WORBLI account

Jun 27 · 6 min read

If you prefer a video tutorial, you can find one at the bottom of this following article.

Visit and click on Portal

On the sign in screen click the “JOIN WORBLI” button on the bottom

Enter a valid email address and create a password.

Review and agree to the terms and privacy policy by clicking the box.

Click the communication opt in box if you want to stay updated with WORBLI news.

Click the JOIN button.

An email will be sent to your provided email address. If it does not show up please ensure you check your spam folder.

Open the Email and click on the “verify email” button.

Proceed to the Main Screen and if you wish to change your password you can do so by clicking “My profile.”

After changing your password click save changes.

To start the application process click the “Identity” button.

Chose the issuing Country of your identity documents.

Enter your details exactly as they appear on your documents. Double check for accuracy.

Click on the type of document you wish to use (options available may vary by country) and then click the “submit” button.

If you wish to upload your documents via mobile you can do so by sending an SMS to your phone. Click on “Upload Pictures From Mobile.”

Click on the “Let’s Start” Button to verify your phone number and receive the SMS code

Enter your phone number and click send link to upload your photos from a mobile device.

To upload a picture from your computer click on the plus button and choose the location of your files.

You can also drag a photo from a folder on your computer and drop it on top of the box with the plus sign.

To use your computers webcam to take the picture click on the “use webcam” link and “enable camera and take a picture.”

Allow your computer permission to use your webcam by clicking the allow button on the popup.

Notes for taking pictures:

Do not use out-dated ID documents.

Take your pictures in a good light, without glasses or hats or similar objects.

Ensure hair is not covering your face.

Ensure the photo quality is high and without blur or distortion.

Center your document within the photo and click the circle with the camera logo on the bottom right side.

If you are happy with the quality of your photo click the button on the bottom left to submit or click the trash can icon on the bottom right to restart the process and try again.

Click the Use Webcam button under the selfie image to take a photo of yourself and allow your computer permission to access the camera by clicking “allow.”

Center your face within the image, remove any glasses, hats, or hair obstructing your face and ensure proper lighting without glare.

This must be a picture of you and not a pre-existing photograph or reproduction of any sort. Make sure you are facing the camera, your face is clearly visible, and there are no other faces in the background.

When you are happy with the image click the photo icon on the bottom right side.

If you are happy with the quality of your selfie click the button on the bottom left to submit or click the trash can icon on the bottom right to restart the process and try again.

When your document images have been completed and saved click the submit button to finish your application.

After you have submitted your application your status will be updated and your application will be pending.

When your application has been approved you will see the message below. At this time you will be able to move to the final steps of account creation. Time for completion can vary depending on external factors from one minute to forty eight hours.

If your application is not accepted you can submit a ticket to with all of your information so we can further assist you along in the process.

When you have passed the KYC portion you can click on the network account button in the dashboard to finalize your WORBLI account creation.

Enter your desired WORBLI account name using 6–12 characters (it must start with a letter and contain only letters and the numbers 1–5).

Enter your newly generated owner and active public keys. To use our guide to generating your keys with Scatter click here.

Ensure you have saved each public and private key-pair offline from your computer and stored them in a safe place (total of two key-pairs, four keys).

Input your two Public keys from your two separate key-pairs into the forms. Make sure you note which key-pair you used as your Owner and Active for future reference.

When your account has been created successfully you will see a confirmation message. It can take up to two hours for your account to appear on the network and you should be able to see it at

To learn how to sign up for a WORBLI account watch the video below

For additional help on creating your WORBLI keys watch the video below

To learn more about WORBLI and to set up an account, visit

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