Welcome: WORBLI’s Head of Blockchain Governance, Todor Karaivanov!

Governance is one of the most critical aspects of an organization, particularly in the blockchain industry where complexities around compliance arise. Just like the EOS mainnet, governance will play a major role within WORBLI. Our governance principles are quite different to mainnet, despite the WORBLI network being a sister chain to EOS.

Todor Karaivanov is a video game creator and an EOS governance expert and has joined WORBLI with the challenging task of overseeing all governance matters and decisions. Having spent the majority of 2018 contributing to the EOS Worker Proposal System on governance, he is a key member of this community and has been a driving force in many discussions and decisions within EOS. Todor then saw the potential and challenge with WORBLI and didn’t hesitate to join us as Head of Blockchain Governance.

Todor was very impressed with our block producers and the prospect of managing certain aspects of their operations, saying “WORBLI has been blessed with an extraordinary set of block producers that want to work with us. The best of the best block producers on the main EOS network have decided that WORBLI has a promising future, and chosen to join us. I have long believed that setting the expectations is usually more important than settings the rules. Actually having this amazing group means more to the network than any of the governance decisions we may decide to take in the future.”

Todor will have the important role of overseeing the transition of WORBLI from a centralized body run by an internal foundation to a decentralized entity where the community will be able to make decisions regarding the organization. This is taking place over the coming 2 years.

Todor continued, “ I have been brought in to coordinate the process of decentralization that WORBLI will be going through over the next two years. For those of you who know me, I may often come off as pretty opinionated. I hold strong opinions, but I am also able to change them based on feedback and evidence. I plan to offer many ideas, support them with factual analysis, and ask for feedback and criticism”

With Todor’s passion and knowledge around governance, we know WORBLI is in safe hands with his judgment and advice. He has already been a key part of many critical decisions and it’s safe to say that there will be plenty more where those came from!

Here is an interview Todor did this week about WORBLI’s blockchain governance, KYC, and dispute resolution.

Todor Talks

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