What is so unique about WORBLI?

By Sam Russell, WORBLI EVP Marketing & Innovation

Countless new blockchain projects are emerging on a near-daily basis. The market is now saturated with blockchain infrastructure networks which all seem to promise improvements on speed, security and utility compared to their predecessors. Standing out can be a challenge.

For WORBLI, a new Financial Services Network, the difference lies in the confidence it brings its community. WORBLI has positioned itself as a novel solution for enterprises and individuals wanting to unlock the potential of blockchain technology. It is an ecosystem where everybody can benefit from a network that is completely compliant with financial regulations, KYC and AML requirements.

Enterprises and individuals will have seamless access to financial services while allowing developers to easily build their own financial applications on the WORBLI network. EOSIO software is at the core of this ecosystem, which means users can enjoy fast transaction speeds and protocols for reversing transactions and recovering accounts.

Through this secure and (currently) centralised network, enterprises can be confident that all operations are conducted legally. Every participant (block producer) on the network are KYC/AML verified. Unlike on the main EOS network, these block producers are paid evenly and not voted for anonymously by the community. Rather, they are meticulously selected by the WORBLI team based on their merit, skillset, philosophy and regulatory compliance.

“Convenience and cost effectiveness are an important part of business, and WORBLI has both covered.”

Convenience and cost-effectiveness are an important part of business, and WORBLI has both covered. Enterprises need to know their overheads, which is why WORBLI are employing innovative approaches to RAM and data storage.

Developers and block producers alike will be able to benefit from stable RAM prices when interacting with the WORBLI ecosystem, making it easy to accurately calculate running costs. Enterprises will also benefit from a merchant processing service that can store funds and process transactions while allowing for fiat-to-digital asset conversions. This will reduce the risks typically associated with transacting in digital assets.

Through the implementation of a centralised, legally compliant and cost-effective network, WORBLI has separated itself from other platforms in its class.