WORBLI CONFERENCE 2018: The Financial District of EOS.

“Bridging the gap between blockchain and real-life applications.”

This is a crucial WORBLI event for financial pros in the EOS space. Do not miss! Get a front-row seat on the next big fintech development.

Put September 29 and 30 in your diary. WORBLI’s inaugural web conference will be a unique chance to get up close and personal with the key influencers in the EOS community.

As we prepare for our November 1 production launch we will be giving our community exclusive access to the most important figures in EOS. It will be an opportunity for the entire EOS ecosystem to come together and get the latest insights on the practical applications of distributed ledger technology in business and finance.

The event will offer new insights into inter-blockchain communication from some of the most well-known block producers for WORBLI and EOS. We will also be sharing key updates on the WORBLI project, its new partners, block producers and network launch.

The free event will be both a great education and opportunity for all who attend — so get registered!

  • USA/EUROPE: Saturday 29th September 2018
    LA: 2–7PM, NYC: 5–10PM, London: 10PM-3AM
  • ASIA PACIFIC: Sunday 30th September 2018
    Beijing: 5–10AM, Tokyo: 6–11AM, Melbourne: 7AM-12PM

Stay tuned for more updates the detailed list of moderators and speakers!

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