WORBLI Partners with Interblockchain

Our partnership with Interblockchain will be the precursor to many revolutionary capabilities of blockchain technology and put it into the hands of everyday people.

The WORBLI vision is to bring mass adoption to blockchain and eliminate the barriers to entry and limitations the average consumer faces. In order to overcome this hurdle, we need to enable users by connecting traditional fiat currencies directly to the blockchain. This is no small feat and we managed to find the leaders in the space to work together in solving this issue. With that, we are happy to announce our partnership with Interblockchain! Through the use of their multi-ledger blockchain communications and implementing this onto our chain, we will revolutionize countless industries and lives.

We, at WORBLI, have noticed that one of the biggest obstacles surrounding blockchain adoption is liquidity. Buying crypto, selling crypto or any transaction where you are switching from coins to fiat — and vice-versa — is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Cryptocurrencies simply aren’t being used as real-world currencies enough, as a result of this difficulty posed to the everyday user. For everyday people, virtual currency in a virtual wallet isn’t useful when you want to buy a coffee or a pair of jeans at a shop. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to sell your crypto to unlock its value, you would be able to directly pay for everyday items in any currency of your choosing, whilst a retailer or vendor could receive any currency they wish in return for their services. This capability will be enabled through Interblockchain’s solution and will be implemented as a feature on the WORBLI network.

“We are excited to announce our work with InterBlockchain, a leader in breaking the silos of cryptocurrency and allowing everyday users to easily transfer crypto funds, exchange them for local tokens, and turn them into simple dollar and cents payments,” Domenic Thomas, CEO of WORBLI said. “We are taking a big step toward the next phase when users can take cryptocurrency and use it to make everyday purchases like buying a coffee. That kind of usability has massive implications for the entirety of crypto and traditional financial industries and will disrupt the status quo with new levels of accessibility and security in seamless transfers of one currency to the other.”

The solution works by leveraging “augmented nodes” and creating proxies of blockchain tokens from Ethereum, Neo, Bitcoin, EOS and many others. These proxies then create a bridge between different blockchains to enable coins and tokens to seamlessly “move” across networks. Fiat proxies of common currencies such as the Euro or US dollar can be created to enable crypto to fiat gateways, unlocking the true potential of blockchain technology for everyday use. Interblockchain’s innovative solutions can also be used to allow wallet to wallet transactions between any major cryptocurrencies, completely removing any middle or centralized body such as an exchange or remittance service. Their solution will also enable users to trade coins or spend cryptocurrencies on e-commerce platforms and redeem the full value of the token on its original blockchain whenever they wish to without any exchange ratio.

The implications of our partnership with Interblockchain are immense. At WORBLI, we want to see this solution develop and eventually build Interblockchain’s payments solution into our financial services platform where enterprises and individuals can access a broad range of blockchain services in a safe and secure way. Our IBC innovations are bringing the blockchain industry into the next phase of its evolution. With our partnership, soon it won’t be long until spending bitcoin at the bakers isn’t just easier; it’s a piece of cake.

Learn more about interblockchain by visiting interblockchain.io.

To learn more about WORBLI, visit www.worbli.io

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