Matrix World Partners with Admix

Matrix World and Admix, a “non-intrusive monetization solution”, announce their partnership.

Admix, the non-invasive monetization platform, will allow Matrix World landowners an easy way to monetize (through advertising) on their plots of land. Admix will be working alongside Matrix World to ensure that their drag and drop advertising style is adopted into Matrix World and can be used by any landowner, no matter their experience.

Admix has many pre-existing relationships with notable brands, such as Uber, McDonald’s, Calvin Klein, Google, Amazon, etc. You control what categories are shown on your advertisements by using their dashboard and keeping your content relevant to your audience.

Their focus on an ‘In-Play’ advertising model has been proven to maintain user retention, with a recent study showing 100% retention during gameplay. This model is there to protect the user experience and not interrupt the user’s experience.

See the video below to get an example of their previous work.

Matrix World, created by Matrix Labs is the first multichain metaverse that allows users to own land on an option of blockchains. This option of blockchains, in conjunction with their plans for a friendly WYSIWYG editor, customizable object life cycles, gameplay, and entertainment, makes Matrix World an exciting choice.

About Admix
Admix pioneered In-Play, a tech solution that allows creators to monetize virtual experiences through non-intrusive brand placements. Think replacing an in-game billboard with a real-life advert — it generates revenue for the developer and allows advertisers to display their brand to a highly engaged audience. Plus, it doesn’t interrupt gameplay so retention isn’t affected. Now, we are applying our leading technology to the burgeoning creator economy which will be powered by web 3.0 — the next phase of the internet. In other words, Admix is creating the monetization infrastructure for the metaverse.

For in-depth information, please visit their Admix Docs website.

“We are thrilled to start our partnership with Matrix Labs. Brand experiences within web3 need to provide a positive impact for the community. Throughout our conversations with Matrix Labs we were both aligned on immersive brand exposure which benefits the user. Brands around the world are taking Web3 seriously and we are excited to work with Matrix Labs on pushing the boundaries.”

, said Paul de La Hosseraye, Web3 Partnership at Admix

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About Matrix World
Matrix World, established in 2020 by its parent company Matrix Labs is the first and only multichain metaverse of its kind. Matrix World was created with accessibility in mind, not limiting developers and end-users to one blockchain in particular. Each parcel is powered by its own computational power and storage resources providing the user complete control over what is built and the lifecycle of the objects on their land. In February of 2022, Matrix World successfully raised $5.5M from 17 investors in angel-round funding at a $50M valuation to support the growth and development of the Matrix World project.

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