Our TOP 5 Reasons to Cruise the Caribbean

When we consider all the great places we wish to travel to, the Caribbean is towards the top of many people’s lists. This is a beautiful region incorporating over 700 islands and islets which lie in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, south of the North American mainland and Southeast of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s easy to see why the Caribbean is the foremost destination for cruise holidays, with stunning white sand beaches, endless sunshine, historical landmarks, amazing cuisine, welcoming people and an abundance of wildlife, there is something for everyone.

Barefoot beach, Labadee

With such a wide variety of experiences in a region which offers so much to so many, everyone will have their own personal highlights — here’s our top 5:

1. Great Weather:

Talk about the Caribbean and most people will think of sunshine and clear blue skies and it is the weather in this island paradise that draws in the crowds. Slightly more reliable and popular in the first 6–7 months of the year, the Caribbean is a great weather destination year round. Average temperatures are a very pleasant 27 degrees Celsius which makes it an outdoor lover’s paradise!

2. Hospitality:

And then there are the people! The sunshine in the Caribbean does not only come from the sky, it also comes from the people. The warmth and hospitality of the Caribbean is second to none and no matter how many times you have visited, it will still be guaranteed to put a big smile on your face! Visitors from around the world have found that a Caribbean smile can brighten up even the cloudiest day…

3. Great Food:

Whilst jerk chicken might be one of the Caribbean’s most famous culinary exports, the cuisine of these beautiful islands mirrors its surroundings — varied, colourful, warm and satisfying! Enjoying a ‘taste of the Caribbean’ is no empty promise when you visit this fabulous region and sample some of the traditional and more modern local dishes on offer, full of fascinating local spices. For those that also like to enjoy something more familiar, this region now offers top class international dining too with American, European and Asian cooking available throughout the islands. Whether you’re looking for an informal BBQ on the beach or fine dining watching the sun go down over the glistening Caribbean sea, you will not come back home hungry!

The following are just some of the popular food and drink items which you can find throughout the Caribbean:

Ackee / Asopao / Boniato / Calabaza / Carambola / Cevich / Chutney / Jerk / Coconut / Curry / Mojito / Roti / Mango / Jicama / Salsas / Soursop

4. Beautiful Beaches

Sand, sand and more sand…the Caribbean is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, recognized by Conde Nast and other leading travel publications around the world. Many of the Caribbean’s best beaches also enjoy secluded and undeveloped backdrops which make them even more attractive to visitors looking to leave the cares of the world behind them. Equally, many hotels back right onto some of the most beautiful stretches of sand and beach that you will find anywhere in the world. Paradise is often described as where the dazzling white sand of Caribbean beaches meet crystal clear waters of the surrounding sea. There is nowhere else like it in the world!

Here are Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Caribbean Beaches for 2018:

1. Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos — “Shimmering white sand and warm enveloping waters. The colour of the water makes your heart leap.”

2. Varadero Beach, Cuba — “Best beach in the world! Sand is like dust…”

3. Eagle Beach, Aruba — “Aruba’s most beautiful beach. Private, quiet, serene, amazing!”

4. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman — “Amazing beach not to be missed”

5. Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica — “Heaven on earth”

6. Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic — “Bavaro Beach is an excellent example of why visitors flock to Punta Cana: for the soft sand and clear waters. Protected by an offshore reef, this beach is a nice place for snorkeling!”

7. Playa Paraiso, Cuba — “Picture perfect in every way. Gorgeous beach and the bluest water ever!”

8. Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico — “The water was so clear and blue and gorgeous against the backdrop of the mountains. You can’t take a bad picture here.”

9. Trunk Bay, St John, Virgin Islands — “St. John is waiting for you!”

10. Kenapa Beach, Curacao — “Unbeatable”

Trunk Bay, St John, Virgin Islands

5. Variety:

With over 700 islands and inlets, cruising is one of the best ways to experience the variety that the Caribbean offers. With a rich history given this region’s strategic location, the islands of the Caribbean have been colonized by a wide variety of nations and thoise cultural influences endure to this day. This variety coupled with the wide range of activities offered both on the water and on land make the Caribbean a region that you will never get bored with, no matter how often you visit!

So, if you haven’t cruised the Caribbean yet, what have you been waiting for? And if you are seasoned visitor, where will you choose next and who will you travel with? This and many other questions are just waiting to be answered onby your next Caribbean cruise…

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