When Profit met Purpose

By: Nicole Biondo

He’d been happily reflecting on the latest income statement when he first heard her name
He ignored it
In-between the merriment and mirth in the midst of the Cristal clinks of shareholder’s flutes, he heard it heralded again
Fearing a swift descent into the realm of…

By: Catherine Gaudry

I am a detective at heart. As a child, my best friend and I founded an agency with the mission of solving neighbourhood pranks. We printed business cards with magnifying glasses and footprints on them. It was serious. However, it soon dawned on us that, growing up…

By: Rajeeb Dey MBE

Just as we invest into ISAs and pensions to build up our lifetime savings, I believe that we should also invest into our personal and professional development, particularly as work changes over the next twenty years.

Statistics from McKinsey suggest that 50% of the work we…

By: Rohan Midha

Ok. So, you’re reading this expecting to come away with a convenient insight? A new way of seeing things or, best of all, the inside track on the next big thing. …

By: Amy Williams

I’ve always found the Guardian newspaper’s description of WPPs ‘Stream’ (un)conference as ‘the Bilderberg of advertising’ to be deeply colourful. But also, a little forbidding, to be honest. …

By: Nicki Mason

I arrived in Athens with a huge dose of curiosity and just a little trepidation but at least I was not alone. 80% of the attendees were fellow Stream virgins and it was fair to say that none of us really had a clue about what was…

By: Liam Stanley

Rather than walk around Stream with a laptop, I decided to start four notes on my phone that I would add to over the three-day (un)conference.

- Topics to follow up on

- People to follow on Linkedin

- List of the talks to attend, very handy…

Who English help?!

By: Gbemisola Isimi

In the 2nd year of my first degree at University I needed some extra cash so decided to work a few hours a week at the University canteen. Apart from the fact that I used to go back to my room reeking of grease…

By: Marvyn Harrison

“Who am I?” A philosophical or spiritual answer may lead you to different understandings but in the context of work it’s usually presented as a question to you in the form of “What do you do?” When you walk around an unconference in Athens for 3 days…

By: Itamar Benedy, CoFounder & CEO, Anzu.io

Sunshine, technology, and creative marketing — this year’s WPP Stream Europe set against the beautiful backdrop of Athens was a perfect stage for the debut of two things: first was the latest addition to WPP family, Anzu.io. And second, gaming and esports. …

WPP Stream

The @WPP (un)conference for (un)conventional thinkers

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