Using Boltless Steel Shelving to Keep Industrial Businesses Organized

Good organization is critical for any industrial environment. Whether a plant, distribution center, factory, or warehouse, employees need to have quick access to tools, parts, equipment, products, and so on. Only then can the operation run smoothly. A great way to get organized is with boltless steel shelving. Not only does this type of shelving system help with organization, it improves employee morale, productivity, and even safety.

Although some companies still rely on used rivet style shelving, a boltless shelving solution is a much better choice. These shelves can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily. Because of their mobility, these shelves are great for industrial environments in that they can be moved from one area to another as needed.

Boltless Steel Shelving

While there are many different types of shelves to consider, the wide span shelving design is quite popular. Especially for areas with open space, or when larger or a greater volume of tools, parts, equipment, products, etc. need to be stored, these shelves work much better than more traditional shelving systems. Having additional shelving span eliminates the need for multiple shelving systems, which makes this a great cost-efficient solution.

Another reason that shelving with a boltless design is so beneficial is that, depending on where the system is placed, items can be accessed from all four sides. This eliminates congestion when two or more people are working on the same project and need tools or equipment stored on the same shelves. Four-sided access would also streamline the process of multiple people pulling products from the same shelves in preparation for loading trucks.

Wide span shelving is designed to be a strong, durable, and long-lasting solution. Especially for heavier items, this shelving solution is great. With this, there is never a concern about expensive objects falling, only to be damaged or destroyed. With so many different styles to choose from, finding the right type of shelving is easier than most people think. However, it is important for each customer to determine the type of shelving required and, from there, work with a reputable source.

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