A Month of “Hello, World!”
Genki Hagata

Kudos. Thanks for sharing.

However, it feels as if the title is misleading, if not a disservice. That is, a framework is not a language. Perhaps, as eluded to in the article, you can replace Languages with Technologies? Or at least use Languages & Frameworks? We all skim to much and don’t read enough. Titles matter.

On the note, it feels like a disservice because the majority of lay-people (falsely) believe that mastering such technologies is easy. Now they can point to this and think “Gee. 30 in 30 days? Clearly, ANYONE can master (frontend) dev…Why is our guy/gal taking so long?” So perhaps learning isn’t the right word either? What about Experimenting? Or Testing? Or Comparing? Obviously, yes you did learn. But it also doesn’t feel like the best word either.

I get it. You’re a developer, not an English major :) Just trying to help boss :)