HostGator Cloud Hosting — Is It The Best Fast Hosting For WordPress?

HostGator Cloud Review

I appreciate your interest in knowing the performance of HostGator Cloud hosting service.

Thanks for landing on my review! I hope that it would help you decide whether to go with the cloud servers of HostGator or not.

Most of the site founders like you prefer the cloud hosting for WordPress as they could get the reliable, flexible, scalable and reasonable web hosting solutions.

Yes! Cloud web hosting type has lot of benefits where you can get the extreme convenient by adding and removing the resources on the cloud platform.

Now, let’s come to the main point!

HostGator Cloud Hosting Review — Is It Worth Your Money?

You might have several questions About HostGator Cloud in mind like

How good is the cloud hosting of HostGator?

Should I have some advanced IT knowledge to use it?

How many unique visitor/day can the cloud plans of HostGator handle?

How fast the HostGator WordPress cloud hosting is?

HostGator cloud hosting vs WordPress hosting, which is better?

And much more, Am I correct?

Well! Let me answer for your questions!

I’m a freelancer who works around WordPress. I have been online since 2013 and helped so many business owners to get the tailored site for the brand awareness and drive the organic traffic from search engines!

Yes, I’m a budding WordPress developer and SEO expert as well.

I came across several web hosting services but impressed with the features and results of HostGator Cloud hosting plans and pricing. I’ve started suggesting this trustworthy web host service for all my clients.

So, what the heck qualities does it have? Let’s look in detail!

Exciting Features Of HostGator Cloud Hosting

In my HostGator WordPress Cloud hosting review, it is worth mentioning its remarkable qualities!

1. 100% Uptime — I have been using this Cloud server service for the past 8 months and didn’t experience a single downtime till now. I’m tracking my site with and it is 100% live without any technical faults.

2. Easy-to-use Dashboard & cPanel — Some web hosting companies incorporated the complex settings in the Dashboard which is highly difficult to access. This is not in the case with HostGator Cloud. All the settings are straightforward and you can also track the site speed and utilization of resources.

HostGator Cloud Dashboard

3. Great Speed — When the Google announced that the site loading speed is a ranking factor, most of the hosting providers focus on offering the server with premium hardware that loads blazing fast. The Cloud hosting of HostGator is 2X faster than the normal web hosting and optimized well with the cache configuration.

4. Good Security — In this cloud hosting, your data gets mirrored into 3 different locations to avoid the data loss frustration. You can get the daily backup and use the Cloud backup for global access as well. Automated Failover for your data redundancy is a notable character of HostGator Cloud plans.

5. Interactive Customer Support — Earlier, the HostGator has gained the critics for the poor customer support. But they have fixed their faults and coming up with the improved qualities. their You will get the excellent support from the technical team through Phone, Chat and Email. Sometimes, I have to wait in the queue for few minutes, but their response is highly prompt and relevant.

What I Really Like In The HostGator BaBy Cloud Plan?

The pros of the Baby Cloud of HostGator are

1. 4 times scalable to handle the traffic spikes without any interruption

2. Intuitive dashboard to handle all the stuff under one roof

3. Custom built Varnish cache configuration for great speed

4. Failover and Data mirroring features to stay away from data loss

5. SiteLock monitor to keep the hackers and vulnerable at bay

6. Cloud pricing plans are affordable with no hidden fee

7. Optimized servers for WordPress with extra features and advertising credits

8. Unlimited Sub domains, Bandwidth and Storage without any extra fee

9. Free site migration + SSL Installation without any downtime

10. Knowledgeable members in tech support to solve our difficulties

What Don’t I Like in HostGator Cloud Service?

The cons should also be listed in my HostGator Cloud review!

1. I have purchased the SSL by paying $19. However, the support installed it properly.

2. Long waiting time in the chat support (nearly 20 minutes). However, the Email and Phone support are really good.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans

HostGator offers 3 different plans in its cloud hosting service

1. Hatchling Cloud — You can host only one website in this plan. It costs $4.95 per month. It can handle of hundreds of daily visitors. The available memory is 2GB.

2. Baby Cloud — This is the cloud hosting plan of HostGator that I used to suggest for my clients. You can host 2–3 sites and its costs $7.95 per month. Here, 4GB memory is available.

3. Business Cloud — If you are dedicated business who receives or plan to drive thousands of daily audience, then you should get this cloud plan of HostGator. It has 6 Cores + 6 GB memory to manage heavy website traffic.

Have a look at the Cloud Pricing plans of HostGator

HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans

Final Thoughts

HostGator has a great reputation on the web and it is improving with the advanced features. It is one of the top picks for the big blogs due to its trustworthiness. The company has launched its cloud hosting plans last year with faster and scalable features.

I couldn’t really find any fault with the HostGator Cloud service as I’m completely satisfied with the results. My site’s performance has been tweaked and I feel much comfortable with the adjustable resources.

I would say that it is the best fast and cheap cloud hosting provider for WordPress and you can easily surpass the performance of shared hosting plan. Due to usage of low density servers, you can adore the loading speed of your site.

So, if you’re looking for the fast, safe, and flexible cloud hosting solution for WordPress site, you may proceed getting the suitable Cloud Plan of HostGator. What is your opinion about my HostGator Cloud Hosting Review? Would you like to get it?

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