Video: Why this Nigerian father supports women’s health and rights

by Stephanie Bowen, Director of Strategic Communication, WRA

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Tonte, Faith and Reinhardt on their visit to Washington, D.C.

My friend and colleague Tonte Ibraye became a dad last year. While we live continents apart — him in Nigeria, me in the U.S. — it’s been wonderful to watch him anticipate, then embrace, fatherhood from afar. A couple of months ago Tonte came to Washington, D.C. and I had the opportunity to talk with him about becoming a dad has impacted his views as a longtime advocate for reproductive, maternal health and rights.

As the National Coordinator of WRA Nigeria, Tonte has lead efforts to ensure that citizens have the opportunity to voice their opinions about maternal healthcare policies and services directly with the government, and in turn, that the government is accountable for listening to and meeting their demands.

In this short video Tonte talks about how being a father has reinforced his belief that women’s voices must be heard as a means to accelerate progress for the health of women, girls and newborns.

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