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3 min readJul 27, 2021

We are extremely proud to announce the next major feature at Wall Street Games!

To continue delivering the milestones that we set on our roadmap, we are happy to share with the community that the NFT staking pools will be officially opening on Monday, 02.08.2021 at approximately 16:00 UTC!

What are NFT staking pools and why should you get excited? Read more below and find out!

💭 How does NFT staking work?

In a regular staking pool, users deposit tokens into a contract and are rewarded with the same or different token in the form of rewards.

An NFT staking pool is different because as a user you:

  1. deposit WSG tokens into a contract and
  2. get rewarded with NFT cards after a certain period in return

The staking pools will be visible start of next week on our staking platform:

🎴 What NFT cards can you earn?

Here’s an overview of the card tiers and their respective staking amount requirements as well as the percentage, which will be more closely discussed in the next section.

*Amounts, percentages and other information could change in the future.

Until you acquire a level 1 card, you are unable to join the level 2 staking pool and so forth. Therefore it is necessary to acquire all cards from level 1–6 before being able to acquire the level 7 Emperor card.

The higher the level of the NFT card, the more advantages you will be able to receive. Below you can find all of the cards:

Level 1–7 NFT cards

👷 What are the use-cases of the NFT cards?

Our NFT cards will not be purely cosmetic (although honestly said, the cards themselves look extremely good) but will also have several use-cases on the platform itself!

The NFTs themselves will be publicly tradable, so you will be able to buy/sell them on marketplaces without any limitations (we hope to form a partnership with a very interesting project here!).

If you choose to activate the NFT card on the Wall Street Games platform, you will receive the following perks:

  1. Unique titles, avatars, and other special appearances throughout the platform and governance platform (still under development)
  2. An additional percentage for the users that play the games to receive keys (0–1.5%, 1–3%, 2–5%, 3–8%, 4–12%, 5–17%, 6–25%, 7–35%)

Based on the result in the game, the players get a multiplier to increase their chances of getting a key.

In-game Multipliers Are calculated based on the score that the player achieves in a game. The multipliers:

If the user has a really low score (0–20 % of the top score): 0.7x

If the user does mediocre (20–40 % of the top score): 1.0x

If the user has an average score (40–60 % of the top score): 1.5x

If the user has a solid score (60–80% of the top score): 2.0x

If the user has an outstanding score (80–100% of the top score): 2.5x

An evolution to the “play to earn” model that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

*These features will not all be available at launch.

Wall Street Games is a next-generation hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform, where players battle each other in fun & addicting simple games for rewards in cryptocurrencies!”

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Wall Street Games

Wall Street Games is a next generation hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform, where players battle in addicting simple games for cryptocurrencies!