Forty Days, Forty Nights

Today is day #40 since I landed in London, and what a 5.71428571 weeks alone in the desert it’s been;

  • twenty-four days days and twenty-six nights have been spent inside the M25
  • four days and five nights have been spent back in Newcastle
  • seven days and six nights have been spent in Berlin
  • four days have been spent in Uxbridge at Brunel University
  • two days and one night have been spent in Edinburgh
  • one day and one night have been spent in Nottingham
  • a total of two days have been spent sat on trains between Kings Cross and Newcastle

All this means that out of twenty-five ‘working days’, only twelve have actually been spent in Wonderstuff’s office in London. It also means that I am feeling fairly exhausted, and ready for a quiet week. Sadly however, that’s not what I’m getting.

of twenty-five ‘working days’, only twelve have actually been spent in the office

Whilst this week doesn’t feature a trip up north, it does feature many meetings, a day out at Brunel (with its two-hour each way cycle), and then a train south on Friday night for a weekend with family. This first empty weekend in London, a weekend I’ve been longing for and looking forward to, will not be spent in London at all.

But being busy is good, it keeps me out of mischief, or at least limits the mischief I can get into.

Aside from the exhaustion of travel, life down south is good.

  • Wonderstuff London is finding its feet — I mentioned previously that this coming week features many meetings — and its birth hasn’t felt as challenging as expected. I’m sure reality will bite soon enough, but for now I’m still riding the wave of excitement that comes with such an adventure.
  • Life on MA Branding and Design Strategy at Brunel University too is ticking along nicely; one assignment down, another being worked through, and much new learning being done. Whilst mostly a few years younger than me with no experience in this field, my course mates seem an interesting and interested bunch too; the majority of students are from Asia, a dozen or so hail from Europe or South America, with just one (aside from myself) coming from England.
  • Training has got going also. I’m working out from CrossFit Blackfriars a couple of times per week, with additional workouts being completed independently courtesy of Figge’s Marsh and it’s outdoor workout equipment, and the blog of CrossFit Endurance. I am yet to work out how best to consistently incorporate a long run into my week (that’s not a race), but I know that’ll come soon enough.

My only grumbles are those standard of London — a lack of fresh air, a lack of terrain, and the constant presence of other people — but that’s to be expected of someone who so loves the great outdoors and dislikes the dull indoors.

So yes, all in all, life is good. The coming months remain busy, but hopefully by New Year life will have settled somewhat. Enough at least to let me catch my breath and have a weekend in London at last.

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