Knightscope: SoCal Demo Mania

The Knightscope K-Team Van on-site at an undisclosed Hollywood location equipped with a the K5 and K3 Autonomous Data Machines as well the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC). Request on-site demos at

What a week! The K-Team Demo Van made it through several parts of Southern California including Los Angeles, Hollywood, Irvine and Costa Mesa seeing dozens of potential clients as well as our very important channel partner friends at Allied Universal and Securitas. Demand is so strong we’ll need to be heading back down from Silicon Valley in a just a few weeks to see more potential clients that we were just unable to get to on this trip.

We had an opportunity to learn about security challenges at airports, malls, property managers, movie theaters, parking garages, logistics providers, health care networks and at massive movie studios. Suffice it to say the Knightscope team is going to be even busier than we are already — but that’s the excitement and challenge of having a bunch of “good problems” when scaling a business!

Always remember you can request an on-site demo in California directly on our website. You’ll be the hero at the office that made the robots magically appear at your doorstep! :-)

Also don’t forget to support the effort to help #StopTheViolence at