Top 7 Reasons to Back Our Mission to #StopTheViolence

We have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of enthusiasm for our potential Mini-IPO at Knightscope I wrote about just a couple of weeks ago.

Knightscope is over 3 years old and the above got me thinking. Why have investors already poured in over $14 million into Knightscope in prior financings? I came up with the following 7 different reasons and thought to share — perhaps a fellow entrepreneur could benefit!

  1. “Cold Hard Cash” — our financial model is compelling in actually generating cash for investors while providing significant value to clients; an opportunity to be at the early stages of what could become a multi-billion dollar company worldwide based on the fundamentals of actual earnings and growth potential is enticing for those good with numbers.
  2. “Autonomous Technology” — there have been numerous hundred million and billion dollar deals going on in the self-driving space lately. But Knightscope actually commercialized the autonomous technology in 2015 with actual paying clients and in 2016 is scaling up operations throughout California ahead of a nationwide rollout thereafter. Nothing like having a first mover advantage.
  3. “Team” — I wrote about the Knightscope Team at length but investors are backing a team that is careful with the cash, is focused on execution and results; and when things go wrong (they often do), they trust the team to fix it. Combination of real world experience, some gray hair (or some cases no hair!), and the drive and passion of some brilliant young minds can be a powerful combination.
  4. “Huge Market” — add up all 200+ countries around the world and our collective societies spend over $500 billion a year on security; lots of opportunities, lots of inefficiencies and lots of avenues for automation!
  5. “Robots!” — ok, so Hollywood helped us out here a lot and has instilled in almost every person a fascination with robots from the time we were just kids— and wanting them to come to life (in a positive, friendly way!)
  6. “Traction” — when we first started Knightscope, people called us crazy or told us it would never work, too complicated said all the wise ones. Well, now that we are gearing up to be in nearly a dozen cities across California with actual real clients…..the train is leaving the station.
  7. “#StopTheViolence” — instead of sitting idle with the DHS “See Something, Say Something” slogan potential investors across the country can actually “See Something, Do Something” by supporting our campaign to help #StopTheViolence. I think we are all tired of seeing the horrific violent acts across the country and Knightscope represents an opportunity to be part of a solution. What if we could actually save just one life? All the pain and suffering will have been worth it!

Perhaps the right summary would be take the above 7 points and fabricate it into some fundraising slogan for new entrepreneurs to take to heart. Or might it be that having a strong, diversified investor base with different ambitions and motivations is OK (especially when you can call on them for help at different stages of the company’s maturity). This may be true for complete outlier opportunities that don’t neatly fit into a standard investment thesis.

Perhaps always beholden and catering exclusively to a couple of institutional investors is the model that may be fading into the background. Might the sources of capital actually funding all the disruption — is it time that they themselves get disrupted as new regulations open up new avenues for capital flow? I mean isn’t filing an S-1 for a full Initial Public Offering (IPO) the ultimate in equity crowdfunding?