1914, 1939, 20??

I just finished reading a great piece by Tobias Stone about the global perils posed by Trump, Putin, Brexit, etc, and I felt compelled to write my own brief account. I’ve included the link to the initial piece by Tobias below; it’s well worth reading.

In the summers of 1914 and 1939 respectively, Europeans faced a grim reality. The rains had just begun but both would become great storms, and neither materialized overnight.

It’s now 2016, and things are not nearly as grim as they were in either 1914 or 1939, but at what point will they become? Our storm clouds are gathering, people simply don’t want to see them. See, the sun is still shining through right there? Nothing to worry about!

But the writing is on the wall, and all over the world people are moving in the wrong direction, even here at home, where the embarrassment of Donald Trump threatens to become fascism of Donald Trump. Couple this with Brexit, other nationalist forces in Europe, totalitarianism in Turkey, an assertive China, an unstable and aggressive Putin, and perhaps most demoralizing, a nearly empty bench of global leaders standing up for what is right.

We haven’t “moved on” or “overcome” anything because we are still human, and therefore subject to the same horrific instincts and urges that have driven us to countless prior atrocities. Overcoming our basest instincts and making the world better is not one and done, it requires a knowledge of history and ongoing diligence to make sure we do not repeat history’s mistakes. Laugh at me and others all you want, but the world is moving in a scary direction, and I’d much rather be ridiculed for pointing it out than silently complicit in whatever horrors our collective apathy may unleash.