Nobody will help me so why should I help anybody else?
Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

Anti-Trumpers care less about your love of guns, big trucks, and Duck Dynasty than the mindset you’ve articulated here and that is at the crux of Trump’s campaign, essentially: fuck everyone else.

Whatever it is that you, your friends, and other Trump voters want, the reason we don’t care isn’t because we hate you, it’s because you are either unaware or hypocritical enough to start this article with the fact that you don’t care, and then end it with some charade about “let’s talk.”

When your candidate is insulting everyone who isn’t a white male…check that, he’s insulting white men too…no one cares for discussion. You bring decorum, then you get discussion. You bring bigotry, and you and the rest of the 1950s can stay rooted in the past while the rest of us move forward.

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