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As a liberal, this is what irks me about the progressive arm of our “party,” (if it can still be called that). This is in no way what charter schools are. There are a few for-profit schools, but I’ve worked in charters for more than half a decade. Almost all receive fewer public dollars than traditional public schools, and the good ones — while still imperfect — are FAR superior alternatives for students than the failing status quo that Bernie, et al seem to be defending.

I’m not here to tell you charters are perfect, but if you’re going to falsely accuse schools that are working hard and often doing a better job than the alternative at educating children, you really need to propose actual solutions and not fall back on trite lines that tie every problem to “Wall Street.” This is silly, unfounded, and is the main reason why — despite his “revolution” — many Americans didn’t fall in line behind Bernie. His ideas are so far left that they disconnect from reality, and the reality is that charters are often great alternatives for children who — for decades — have been imprisoned in a stagnant system that prioritizes protecting adults over educating children.

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