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Dear Len, you need to get yourself in check. When you respond to people by calling them names, expect a similar response. Now you want to play nice as though you did not escalate the conversation by calling me names. That is not just hypocrisy, it’s the same pathetic gaslighting we see from the president, and frankly it’s behavior that is far less mature than I would expect from someone your age.

Trump is un-American, you began this tiff when you called me a name, and your flimsy attempt to now act mature after you called me snowflake is both transparent and unwanted. However, this is a bit of a good case study for me as I seek to understand the behavior of the children with whom I work, who are at one moment name-calling and defiant, and the next are calm and in denial of their behavior.

Next time you want a conversation, try for a conversation. You start with name calling and you get the same in response.

And my generation will still be busy cleaning up the prejudice you and other Trump supporters espouse.

So again, good day.

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