This led to the creation of the police
Good cops do not exist
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I know less about the creation of the police in America, but at least as far as the world’s first real, organized police force in the UK this was not the case at all.

There, in the early 1800’s as crime was becoming more popularized, the police were created to respond to the public obsession with crime that was fostered via books and plays, turning a relatively small number of actual crimes into a cultural phenomenon that led to the creation of a police force designed primarily to respond to threats that were more psychological than real.

Of course, slavery was already outlawed in the UK at the time, and the creation of the police in America could be a very different story, but certainly some of the popular obsession with crime (and murder in particular) found its way across the pond in the form of pop-literature, and many early police forces (organized and institutionalized as opposed to informal) were in urban areas where crime raters were much higher.

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