If we truly believe in democracy, then we should also believe that conversation and inclusion can be a solution
In Defense of Doing Business With Peter Thiel
Greg Ferenstein

I think you make a great — yet obvious but unheeded point here. I am someone who actively uses social media, particularly FB to have political conversations. I have many close friends who think FB isn’t the right forum for those convos, a mindset that troubles me. Our generation — you look like a millennial too — communicates this way. Is FB only for pictures of babies and fancy dinners? Why not political talk?

What I see is that there is a general aversion to having public, political discourse, rather than a belief that FB isn’t the appropriate venue, but that gets at your point and one of the big problems we face. If we’re not talking about these issues, aren’t we only letting issues fester, sweeping them under the rug as you pointed out, just waiting for the next Trump to come along and bring all the hidden ugliness out into the open therefore causing a much bigger threat to all of us than the discomfort we may have felt by actually talking about the issues proactively?

As long as conversation and compromise are political anathema, all we’re doing is paving the road for the next Trump.

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