The entire idea of crime is a racialized profit scheme
Good cops do not exist
Blake Dont Crack

I understand your points, but this is a real stretch that I find many people who are (rightfully) outraged about race relations in America have internalized.

Racism is NOT a black/white issue. Of course in America it is PRIMARILY (but still not exclusively) a black/white issue, but many white (and black) Americans couldn’t tell the difference between a Chinese, a Japanese, and a Korean man, and yet there is tons of racial history/animosity among those groups of people.

My point here is that racism isn’t exclusive to America, which means that any analysis of crime that roots it in such an American, racial context is going to be very limited in its scope. Not only does this definition of crime put the term within an American, racial context, it fails to acknowledge history as well as global racism. For example, do Solon’s laws and Hammurabi’s code fit your description of crime as a “racialized profit scheme”?

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