Will Staton
Nov 28 · 2 min read

Is that not — as things stand currently — every elected Republican at the national level, excepting, perhaps, Romney, Collins, and Murkowski?

In fact, it is this intense loyalty to “tribe” and the myopia it has bred that make it impossible for any of these people to see themselves outside that present configuration. Most of these electeds are themselves steeped in the ignorant bigotry of their constituents and are simultaneously mimicking the behavior of a criminal sociopath from above and a mob of undereducated bigots from below.

I understand that to many this attitude will seem “elitist” (or whatever word one wants to use to classify those of us who refuse to tolerate blatant racism), but in fact the data prove that Don’s supporters are among the least educated Americans and the words and actions of his supporters prove that many are empty bigots. There is no justifiable explanation for why Don’s supporters might chant “animals” in reference to immigrants at a rally other than racism. No economic conditions, no opioid crisis, no nothing except bigotry can explain that display. And it is only one of many.

This is the “present configuration” of the Republican party, one that has boxed itself into a corner of ignorant hate while abandoning any pretense of representing intellectual conservatism. The people within this “present configuration” cannot see themselves outside of it, because outside of it are people with darker skin and different religious beliefs.

And the reason the GOP can’t find a “particle of courage” is because most of the people still affiliated with that morally and intellectually bankrupt organization are TERRIFIED of darker skin and different religions. So terrified they have not a particle of courage left to give.

Will Staton

Written by

Career Educator. Aspiring Novelist. Author of “Through Fire and Flame: Into the New Inferno.”

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