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The left isn’t filled with rage but with horror. Horror because what umair haque points out is true, and you only verify that when you say the left now refuses to accept reality!

The reality is that Trump won because of everything Umair mentions as well as voter suppression, gerrymandering, outright lies, and of course Russian interference. The left acknowledges this reality, is horrified by it, and is desperately pushing back. This is not the mindless rage of Trump acolytes celebrating their ignorance in hateful and violent manners, this is the urgent fear of people who understand the world both morally and pragmatically, and are desperately trying to steer us away from ruin.

Liberals, progressives, the left, whatever you choose to call us, are imperfect. Yet if you play both worldviews to the ultimate conclusion only one ends in the warfare and genocide fueled by hate. We are rightfully terrified.

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